Eolas has been our Japanese partner for over ten years, and we have worked together on many successful contract research projects for Japanese pharma clients. We really appreciate Eolas’s expertise at selling and managing projects from the Japan side, which has been key to winning and retaining key pharma company clients.

Andrew Elston Senior Director of S&M, LifeSpan Biosciences Inc.

We have worked with Eolas for many years as the exclusive representative of our services in Japan. The combination of their extensive network, technical understanding of our services and focused sales and marketing activities have significantly improved our presence in Japan and increased sales.

Dawn Stricker Executive Director, BD, Optivia Biotechnology Inc.

We greatly value our ongoing relationship with Eolas Biosciences, which has been pivotal in placing our services and products with major players in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry. Eolas’s support has facilitated not only our initial engagement with the Japanese market, but also the building of excellent working relationships with clients, which have led to substantial recurrent business.

Dr. Colin Wilde CSO, AvantiCell Science Ltd.

Eolas has helped us immensely in penetrating and understanding the Japanese pharmaceutical industry. Their familiarity with both European and Japanese business cultures and their highly competent ability to act as a link between the two enabled us to effectively tailor our message and strategy towards the new market. This also required a thorough knowledge of the scientific and business aspects of our technology, and Eolas showed great willingness and ability in assimilating both. We can wholeheartedly recommend Eolas to anyone considering to enter the Japanese pharmaceutical market.

Eskild Endrerud CEO, D’Liver AS

I was impressed by the efficiency of the Japanese sales roadshow, including the follow up, and general ease of working with Eolas. I was also pleased with how well our pharma-oriented services fit in with their portfolio. Eolas is an excellent interface between us and customers, and has been instrumental in initiating and closing our first contracts from Japan.

Dr. Leo Price CEO, OcellO B.V.

Eolas has been the ideal connection to the Japanese pharmaceutical market ! We benefited greatly from their deep insights into the Japanese market and business culture, as well as superb English and Japanese communication skills. The organization of our business development trip to meet interested pharmaceutical companies all over Japan was as perfect, as was Eolas’s contributions to produce sales documents for the Japanese market. Eolas’s support resulted in the first sales to hard-to-convince Japanese pharma companies!

Dr. Andreas Köpke CBO, SynAging SAS