Partner list

The following is a list of overseas partner companies with whom we work for business development in Japan. Note that this is a partial list as some of our partners prefer to keep their Japanese business activities confidential.

3B Pharma GmbH

Contract peptide drug discovery company with broad expertise spanning from hit identification to early clinical development. Proprietary programs under development in the nuclear medicine and oncology areas. Peptide expertise is also applied to the development of unique affinity purification reagents for industrial-scale bioprocess manufacturing processes.


Atuka Inc.

A leader in Parkinson’s Disease research, offering a comprehensive portfolio of non-human primate and other models to evaluate the effect of test compounds on Parkinson’s Disease. Offerings include proprietary models developed in-house as well as established traditional models. Atuka’s team of top-notch scientists has published over 300 papers in the Parkinson’s Disease research area.


Avaden BioSciences Inc.

Provider of high quality human biomaterial samples with extensive levels of clinical annotation and active links to each patient’s Electronic Medical Record. This allows the selection of samples for highly specific biomarker strategies. Up to 350 data points per donor, including treatment details, response, outcome and survival. Offering both archived and prospective cohort collections.


D’Liver AS

Expertise and proprietary technologies for liver clearance research, focusing on liver endothelial sinusoidial cells (LSECs), Kuppfer cells and hepatic stellate cells (HSC). Applications include characterization and solving of hepatic uptake issues for large therapeutic molecules.


Epiontis GmbH

A world leader in epigenetic cell marker research. Focused on the immunology area, Epiontis develops proprietary epigenetic marker-based assays to detect and quantify specific immune cell types. This technology can be applied to clinical immunomonitoring as a superior alternative to FACS, as well as a robust cell identification methodology for cell-based therapies.


Glycomar Ltd.

Offering a unique technology platform for the discovery of novel glycomolecules with biological activity. Research is focused on marine organisms, ranging from invertebrates to microalgae. Active molecules are developed for applications in the pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, nutraceutical and cosmetic areas.



Offering interim management, business development, and consulting for drug development and related services, with a special focus on neurodegenerative diseases. Eolas co-ordinates with bioExpert to market products and services of European companies with unique offerings in Japan, as well as selling Japan-based services in Europe and the US.


Jubilant Biosys Ltd.

Offering a wide range of contract research services for drug discovery, including structural biology, DMPK, early chemistry, in vivo efficacy models, computational chemistry, in vitro biology, toxicology and discovery informatics. Biosys has a highly successful track record of executing multi-disciplinary hit ID and lead optimization projects.


LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc. (LSBio)

A molecular pathology specialist maintaining a 2,500,000 specimen human tissue bank, and offering comprehensive immunohistochemistry (IHC) contract research services. This encompasses all aspects from study design through to pathology interpretation and reporting. LifeSpan has also developed a unique human tissue IHC database.


MAT BioTech B.V.

MAT Biotech offers a new human monocyte-based pyrogen testing kit offering numerous advantages over traditional pyrogen tests such as LAL and RPT. Fully compliant with European Pharmacopeia 2.6.30 requirements, the kit is intended for use in batch release testing of APIs and finished product.


MetaLeaps LLC

Offering the only computational fragment-based drug design (CFBDD) technology that takes into account the free energy of interactions between (i) proteins and fragments or molecules and (ii) free water molecules and the target, in a practical timeframe. This enables extremely high predictive power -typically, less than 100 molecules need to be synthesized to achieve an optimized lead.


OcellO B.V.

A specialist in high throughput screening (HTS) of compounds in normal and diseased 3D human tissue models. Over 100 oncology models are available, as well as models for cystic fibrosis and polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Each model mimics the relevant in vivo biology, and provides unique information on a compound’s biological activity.


Optivia Biotechnology Inc.

Optivia’s proprietary technology has been used to develop the industry’s largest selection of functional human transporter assays in polarized mammalian cell lines. The assay portfolio contains many unique transporter models, including sophisticated multi-transporter models. Optivia recently became part of the BioIVT group.


Prodo Laboratories, Inc.

One of the world’s leading experts in human pancreatic islet research. Offering freshly isolated human islets and related materials, as well as islet-related contract research services to diabetes researchers. Prodo Labs has also developed a unique series of proprietary media for the transportation and culture of human pancreatic islets.


Toxys B.V.

The developer of ToxTrackerTM, a unique mammalian stem cell-based technology to identify potential carcinogenic properties of novel compounds. ToxTrackerTM discriminates between genotoxicity arising from direct DNA damage, oxidative stress and protein damage, and can be particularly useful in an Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) approach.