We are affiliated with the following scientific and business organizations:

Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

Initiated in 1880, the PSJ facilitates information exchange amongst its over 20,000 members from industry, academia and the medical sector, with the aim of promoting development of the pharmaceutical sciences within Japan.

Website: https://www.pharm.or.jp

The Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics

Promoting the development of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic sciences via meetings, workshops and other interactive forums for its industry, acadamia, medical and government sector members.

Website: https://www.jssx.org

European Society for Translational Medicine

The ESTM’s principal objective is to contribute to world-wide healthcare via translational medicine approaches, resources and expertise. It does this by operating a variety of programs and initiatives, including an annual conference.

Website: https://eutranslationalmedicine.org

The Japanese Cancer Association

Established in 1941, the JCA promotes cancer research in Japan. It does this by publishing a widely-read journal and holding an annual meeting, as well as organizing symposia, conferences and lectures for its 16,000 members.

Website: https://www.cancer.or.jp

The Japanese Society for Gene Diagnosis and Therapy

Promoting research directed towards the clinical application of gene-based diagnosis technologies by facilitating interaction between its members. It organizes seminars and technical workshops, as well as an annual conference.

Website: http://www.gene-dt.jp

The Chiba Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Supporting companies domiciled in Chiba Prefecture by offering training and consulting on financial, legal and business management matters, and representing its members in promoting local and national legislative changes.

Website: http://www.chiba-cci.or.jp

The Japanese Society of Cancer Epidemiology

Furthering research in the cancer epidemiology and related areas by facilitating interaction between its members. It achieves this by holding regular symposiums and publishing a bi-annual newsletter.

Website: http://jceme.jp

The Japanese Biochemical Society

Promoting the exchange of information and stimulating discussion and collaboration among biochemists, by providing a forum and meetings for scientists covering all aspects of biochemistry.

Website: http://www.jbsoc.or.jp

The Molecular Biology Society of Japan

Contributing to the advancement of life sciences in Japan by furthering molecular biology-related research and promoting the scientific education of ordinary citizens.

Website: https://www.mbsj.jp