Company Overview

Eolas Biosciences is a specialist business development firm focused on helping overseas companies with cutting-edge or best-in-class technologies to succeed in the Japanese pharmaceutical research market. We have particularly strong sales and marketing expertise in the drug discovery research area.

Key Points

  • We provide you with local business support to overcome the many difficulties that can arise when trying to establish and expand within the Japanese market, and to maximize the business potential of your offerings.
  • Comprised of bilingual Japanese and Western staff, our diversely talented team is one of the best and most respected in the industry. Japanese pharma companies routinely entrust us with setting up and managing complex overseas research projects on their behalf.
  • We have experience with a broad range of product and service offerings, encompassing applications in biology, chemistry, clinical and manufacturing research.
  • The benefits we bring to the table include unparalleled industry experience, an extensive network of quality customer contacts and a deep understanding of how business works in Japan. Our track record and partner assessments speak for themselves.

Founded in 2005, Eolas Biosciences is headquartered in Matsudo City, adjacent to the Tokyo metropolitan area. Our location is close to many key pharma companies and research clusters, and is also near to Japan’s two main international gateways, Narita and Haneda Airports. Pronounced “O‐las”, our company name is taken from the Irish Gaelic word for knowledge gained from experience. The name was coined to reflect the decades of multi-faceted professional and cultural experience that informs our services.