Working With Us

We can help to advance your Japanese business goals in a variety of ways. Outlined below are some of the most common scenarios in which we work with our overseas partners to expand their business in Japan. If you are interested in a potential business relationship or project for Japan, please feel free to contact us; we would be happy to discuss if Eolas Biosciences’s capabilities are a good fit for your needs.

Sales & Marketing Representation

It is crucial to have a direct presence in Japan to effectively engage and negotiate with prospective pharma and biotech customers. Eolas Biosciences offers proven sales representation support to maximize your Japanese revenues. In general, we seek long-term partnerships where we integrate as an extension to your existing S&M capability. Our support activities include:

  • Development of effective sales and marketing strategies optimized for your target customer segment. We work closely with your team to integrate any relevant insights gained from US / European experience.
  • Promotion to the right companies via the right people, including in-person site visits by our staff. To aid this, we typically develop “Japanized” marketing materials for your products and services.
  • Organization of promotional activities such as domestic roadshows with partner personnel, participation in key tradeshows and technical seminars.
  • Promotion through our Japanese language website so that your offerings have an on-line presence in Japanese, and are indexed by Japanese search engines.
  • Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction by providing robust, high-quality support throughout the sales process and during projects.

We provide you with open and timely critical business information such as opportunity status, customer feedback, competitor activity and market intelligence. If applicable, we will also provide suggestions on how to adapt your offerings and / or business practices to better address the needs of Japanese customers.

Compound & Technology Licensing

The Eolas team can effectively assist with finding strategic in-licensing partners or co-developers for your compound or drug discovery technology. We leverage our local expertise to maximize your technology licensing and partnering potential. Our support in this area includes:

  • Identification of potential licensees and / or co-developer companies by utilizing a number of information sources, including privileged non-public ones.
  • Approaching target companies via appropriate key people in our extensive network of industry contacts. We will keep you updated on approach activities and outcomes in a timely manner.
  • Facilitation of initial discussions and pilot studies with interested parties. If appropriate, we can arrange face to face meetings and assist in developing presentation materials oriented towards Japanese companies.
  • Support in negotiating agreements based on years of deal-making experience with Japanese companies. If required, we can also offer ongoing post-agreement support.


This targeted approach can be complimented by providing notification of the availability of your compound or technology on our pharma-oriented Japanese language website, further increasing your exposure to potentially interested parties.

Other Business Support

Other types of business development support within the Japanese drug discovery or biomedical sectors can be customized to fit your individual needs. We guarantee quality and competence in the execution and delivery of any projects we undertake. Past projects successfully carried out include:

  • Strategic technology divestments
  • Japan-based project management
  • Market and feasibility surveys