Our Benefits

By choosing to work with Eolas Biosciences, you gain a highly proficient and motivated on the ground partner who will spare no effort to help ensure efficient delivery of your business objectives.


Our core team has over 65 years of combined experience in selling high-end products, services and technologies to Japanese pharma and biotech companies. Over the last 5 years, we have averaged over 50 individual deals per year. We expertly manage the sales process or project to a successful closure, while minimizing business development timelines and avoiding the pitfalls of doing business with Japan firms.


Our customer list encompasses virtually the entire pharma / biotech market. Through our extensive network of key contacts, we are able to penetrate companies through the right people on your behalf. Our contacts are personal and include heads of research institutes, licensing leaders and other key managers in diverse areas across the organization. They are very responsive due to Eolas Bioscience’s excellent reputation in the industry and our pinpoint targeting


Through our years of hands-on involvement in the industry, we have accumulated a lot of non-public information on the research activities and interests of target companies. Although this information cannot be directly shared due to its highly confidential nature, it is a valuable internal resource for us to create effective strategies and target the right people in the right companies.


Our unique team of bilingual / bicultural Japanese and foreign staff ensures there are no language or cultural barriers. We guarantee clear, accurate information on the status of the market, as well as trouble-free flow of technical and business information from Japanese companies to you.

Scientific Competency

For many innovation-driven technology companies, the science is the business. This means that to effectively deal with many business issues, a solid understanding of the underlying science is critical. Our staff have relevant research experience, including within Japanese pharma companies. This enables us to not only properly assimilate the scientific and business aspects of your technology, but also understand it in the overall context of the drug discovery process and the customer’s specific needs.


Delivering results for your business is our business. Eolas Biosciences is committed to providing you with highly proficient, sustained and effective support. Moreover, we are exclusively focused on Japan, which typically represents 80-100% of Asian revenue for a pharma technology provider. As experts on Japan’s unique business culture, we do not divert our focus with general Asian selling activities.